Pick up and drop off reminders:

Do NOT drop off or pick up students on the north side of Ingledue, this is not safe and blocks traffic from moving. We want all students to exit their vehicle on the Lenihan side of the road.

Pick up and drop off in the circle drive in front of Lenihan or along the south side of Ingledue west of the circle drive. There is no parking or stopping between the circle drive entrance and exit.

Pull all the way up on the circle drive. Do not stop near the steps to the main office or crosswalk, this blocks traffic heading in both directions. Turn right at the end of the circle drive, and avoid heading back west down Ingledue.

Students should only cross the street at crosswalks. If students walk or ride their bikes please go over their route to ensure that they only use locations with crosswalks.

  • If you are still interested in purchasing school pictures this year please send the picture form with the exact change to the main office with your student.

  • Lenihan Parent Newsletter

Clubs and Activities

Important Dates

  • 4/8 – Sports Day

  • 4/8 – 6th Grade Miller Tour with PTO

  • 4/9 – Crazy Hat Day

  • 4/9 – Spring Swim Program

  • 4/10 – Anything but a Backpack Day

  • 4/10 – Bus Evac

  • 4/11 – Decade Day

  • 4/11 – 6th Grade Lions Lane Public library visit during literacy class

  • 4/11 – Ricochet meeting after school

  • 4/11 – spring Swim Program

  • 4/12 – PJ Day

  • 4/15 – No School (PD Day)

  • 4/16 – No School (PD Day)

  • 4/18 – Spring Swim Program