Safety & Security

The safety and well-being of our staff and students is a top priority for Marshalltown Community School District. We will always look for ways to improve and maintain the safety of our students and staff.

The Marshalltown Community School District works consistently with law enforcement to evaluate our buildings, our safety procedures, and our security technology. While our emergency plans are intentionally kept confidential, here is what MCSD is able to share:

  • Our plan is reviewed by experts and visited often.

  • Drills are conducted on a regular basis at each school building.

  • Each facility recently received a safety audit from a security expert.

  • Security upgrades are currently underway.

Each building has a safety and security team that meets regularly to go over protocols and coordinate with first responders. These teams and safety measures are overseen by our safety and security coordinator.

MCSD did apply for the Iowa School Safety Grant, which provides $50,000 to each school building for security. This grant was made available by the governor in 2022 after recent incidents of school incidents across the nation. Our district is still evaluating security technology options to incorporate into our schools.

Anonymous Reporting

The Marshalltown Community School District has anonymous reporting available to our students, staff, and community members to use. The reporting system, known as Safe + Sound, can be used to report weapons, self-harm, and other forms of victimization and threatening behavior. Safe + Sound can be accessed through their tip line (800-224-6018), website, or the mobile app. After submitting your report, please watch for any follow-up questions from the appropriate school and/or law enforcement.

MCSD encourages you to reach out anonymously about concerning conversations or actions to help someone before they harm themselves or others. You can learn more about how to report by watching this video from Safe + Sound.

Notice a concerning comment or action? Tell us about it by making an anonymous report through Safe + Sound.

Department Contacts

Eric Weeden

Eric Weeden, Safety and Security Coordinator